University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH: At first the University of New Hampshire may seem large, but don’t let that discourage you from considering it. This year, UNH has 13,000 undergraduates. In order to accommodate this number of students, UNH’s campus is spread out over 2,600 acres. Surrounding the campus are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, barber shops, and other retail outlets. Several hangouts around campus provide students with an ideal college experience. Not everyone wants to spend hours in their dorm, so having places available to hang out is important.
Students here can choose from over 100 majors and 100 clubs and various intramural sports. Attending a bigger school typically means that the student-to-teacher ratio is fairly disproportional, but professors at UNH make great efforts to create relationships with students regardless of class size. Larger schools are also typically considered research universities. For those high school students seeking a classy New England liberal arts college, with the opportunity to partake in major research projects, this is the school.
I have seen many new buildings constructed on campus over the years. With a not-too-pretty in-state tuition of over $16,000, some people might be turned off. But those fees are creating an excellent campus and a prospering university. Find out more at