University Of Missouri

Columbia, MO: My first reaction to the campus was amazement over how big it was. Although its size was much larger than any of the colleges I had visited, it wasn’t overwhelming. I didn’t feel intimidated by the size of the University of Missouri – Columbia. It would certainly take awhile to find my way around, but it wouldn’t be impossible.

The university seemed like a small town or community. Rarely would anyone need to leave campus for anything they needed. Mizzou came equipped with a McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, etc., two bookstores, several snack shops, and many other dining halls. The convenience of all of these amenities appealed to me. I was told by Mizzou students that a car was rarely needed to leave campus.

On the tour, we visited a dormitory, several classrooms, a computer laboratory, restaurants, and other buildings. The student guide was very helpful in pointing out important places and answering our questions. Overall, the tour was very informational and proved to be a fun experience.

Columbia is a small city compared to St. Louis. It doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes to reach any destination in the city. But Columbia is expanding all of the time. It seemed like a pleasant town to live in if I attended the university. I was very impressed with both the town and the campus. I would recommend others to visit the University of Missouri – Columbia and experience a tour of the beautiful campus for themselves.

Reviewed in 1998