University of Mississippi

Oxford, MS: The moment I arrived inOxford, I knew I wanted to go to Ole Miss. I got “thefeeling,” a great burst of energy telling me this is the place tobe.

Ole Miss is known for its beautiful campus and great town.It is highly ranked as a state school and has one of the largestcampuses in Mississippi. The dorms, sorority and fraternity houses,stadium and downtown are all within walking distance. The people arefriendly and welcome everyone. At home football games, students gatherin the grove, a beautiful place in the middle of campus, to have picnicsand fun with friends and family.

Downtown Oxford is called theSquare and has many great shops and restaurants. There is no other placeI would ever want to go because everyone made me feel right at home.There are always things to do, but there’s still time to sit back andrelax. If you are looking for friendly people and a comfortableatmosphere, Ole Miss is the university!

Reviewed in 2000