University of Mississippi

Oxford, MS: Searching for the college that is right for you can be challenging and exhausting. Moving from high school to college is a major change, and the college you chose will be your home for the next four years. As I toured the many campuses in my area, one university really opened its arms to me and showed me a place that I would grow not just to call home, but also to adore.

The University of Mississippi is in the heart of Dixie. Along with its rival, Mississippi State, it’s one of the two major universities in the state. Since opening its doors in 1848, Ole Miss (as most call it) has attracted students from the four corners of the United States and countries all over the world.

Ole Miss gained national attention when it housed a Civil War hospital for those injured in the Battle of Shiloh. Classes were cancelled and the entire student body enlisted in the Confederate Army.

It also gained national attention in 2008, when it was named a site for a U.S. presidential debate. This was the first time a presidential debate had been held in the state of Mississippi.

When I walked onto campus for my first tour, I knew immediately this was the place I wanted to be for the next four years. The Grove is at the heart of the campus and is the recreational spot for tailgating on football weekends and school concerts. There is nothing like walking through the Grove on a Saturday afternoon, and seeing all the blue and red tents crammed into every available space.

The university is home to some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Ole Miss’s Law School, Pharmacy School, Journalism School, Business School, and Education School are ranked top in the country. Academics at the university are great, and the professors are top-ranked in their fields.

Surrounding the college is the city of Oxford, which 15,000 residents call home. Downtown you can find the famous Square. Everything from dining, shopping, city hall, bars, and apartments can be found in this ­central location.

If you are looking for a place to call home for the next four years, consider the University of Mississippi. We’re waiting for you in Dixieland!

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