University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL: It hadn’t even crossed my mind to visit the University of Miami until I spent a warm December afternoon on one of the area’s many beaches. The beautiful beach, cars and people were what first got me thinking about attending a school in Miami. Then, UM won me over with its amazing Division I athletic programs; the school’s main attraction is their national championship football team, the Miami Hurricanes. School spirit lingers in the air and the competitive drive among students is incredible. As I walked around campus, students were constantly running by with their head phones and sweat dripping from their faces.

Along with their impeccable sports programs, UM is known for challenging academics. With only a 44 percent out-of-state acceptance rate, I found the idea of applying intimidating at first. Walking around the campus and talking to students, however, it seemed that students were genuinely happy with their surroundings. The school’s “jock” reputation is in no way real. The theater and marine sciences are their most competitive areas, especially for those applying for admissions. For this school of just under 10,000 students, the 14 fraternities and nine sororities completely dominate the social scene. It is truly worth the trip, not just for the football team, but the school and beautiful weather and environment.

Reviewed in 2003