University Of Maryland

College Park, MD: The University of Maryland at College Park is a very prestigious college. This year, I visited this extraordinary college with my sister and was fascinated by everything I saw.

The campus is rather large and very beautiful. As I walked around, I noticed that the students seemed to share a special bond with each other. They all appeared to get along. The guide showed me many different areas, including classrooms, the cafeteria, and even the dormitories. The classrooms were very spacious, the cafeteria had a comfortable atmosphere, and the dormitories were very clean and roomy.

University of Maryland has approximately 22,000 undergraduate students. They have three major schools: the Business Department, their Engineering Department, and their Journalism Department. For the next two years, I will be searching for the right college and definitely will include the University of Maryland. It receives an A+ in my book. f

Reviewed in 1998