University Of Denver

Denver, CO: The University of Denver with its beautiful, spacious campus has the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. It is a 125-acre campus located in historic University Park, a safe residential neighborhood eight miles southeast of downtown Denver.

I visited D.U. in April. I attended classes and stayed overnight in a dorm. There are three dorms on campus with either co-ed or single sex floors. The rooms are relatively small but have enormous closet space. The range of decor from room to room amazed me.

My lunch and overnight hosts were friendly and open. They were eager to answer all my questions. The tour was sort of boring since I had already given my hosts the third degree. All the students I met were friendly and welcoming. There were many different groups, races, and cultures represented.

I went to two classes, both of which were wonderful. “Under-standing Human Conflict” was exceptional. The professor was intelligent, funny and informative. He didn’t just read from a text, he gave life to his words. The average class size is 29 and the teacher to student ratio is 1 to 13.

With your meal card, you can eat from any of the four eateries (three cafeterias and The Pub).The best part is that you can eat as much as you want. The food was varied and pretty tasty.

The best part of D.U. are the opportunities. With 300 days of sun each year, you can almost always be outside. There are many diverse activities including downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding (D.U. is an hour from ski slopes), mountain biking, and hiking.

D.U. has 16 intercollegiate sports teams and numerous clubs and intramural sports. D.U. has NCAA Division I men’s hockey and women’s gymnastics. The athletic facilities on campus include an indoor ice rink, a gymnastic center, an indoor pool, and indoor basketball courts. There are tennis courts and playing fields outside.

The energy that surrounds you when you arrive at D.U. is sensational. You are encouraged to learn and experience new things. I suggest that like me, you “Just D.U. It!” n

Reviewed in 1993