University of Delaware

Newark, DE: Over the summer, Delaware sophomores from all over the state were accepted into the Governor’s School for Excellence. I was part of this group. We went to a dorm at the University of Delaware for a week and experienced some of the classes that a college student would. This program opened my eyes to all the fantastic opportunities offered at the ­University of Delaware. I had not considered this school in my list of colleges, but now I will.

The University of Delaware’s main campus is ­located in the suburbs of Newark. Other sites where Delaware students work and learn include Wilmington, Georgetown, Dover, and Lewes, with study abroad programs in London and Paris.

While I was there, we picked from a variety of field trips. I chose to study Marine Biology which was located in Lewes. The people there were very friendly and the atmosphere was amazing. I could see myself working at Lewes.

Sixteen thousand undergrads, 3,500 graduate students, and 1,000 professional and continuing studies students make up the student body. There are four ­associate programs, 130 bachelor programs, and many master and doctoral programs available. The University of Delaware offers a wide variety of ­majors, including physical therapy and sociology.

With 23 intercollegiate athletic programs and more than 200 student organizations, the University of Delaware offers enough activities to get everyone involved.

The University of Delaware is known for its football team, which has multiple national championships and a winning tradition. The school strives to be the best in all of its programs. As soon as students enter the campus they feel pride in their school and being competitive is second nature.

The University of Delaware is an absolutely beautiful college campus. The buildings are made of brick and the landscape, well, no complaints there. The ­library is enormous, and the classrooms are like ­arenas. So if you want a small college with small classes, Delaware might not be the place for you.

I stayed in the new George Reed Dorms. It was not what I expected, and was the first dorm I had been in. There were two suites for four roommates connected by a bathroom. The dorms are spacious with ­gorgeous views of the campus.

Full-time tuition and fees are $7,780 for in-state students, $20,260 out of state, and an additional $8,478 for room and board.

I am not going to lie to you – some of the classes and professors seemed boring. They talked and talked forever. However, some professors inspired me so much and affected my life after just a couple of hours.

What attracted me to the University of Delaware is the pride of the students, excitement of the professors, unforgettable atmosphere, and all of the opportunities. Everything was so inspiring, and the experience is one I will never forget. I got to live as a college student and saw what it would be like. Something that I could not wait for every day was meal times. The frozen yogurt was my favorite and was served at every meal. Just about the only thing I did not like was how many people there are in one class. I like teacher-student interaction, so the University of Delaware might not be the right college for me.

I think the pride of the professors and students in the college sets the University of Delaware apart from others. I would recommend this college to ­others because the experience changed my life and I am sure it could change others’ too. Very social, ­active, competitive people would love this school.

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