University of Chicago: The Truth

Ranked fifth among national universities, the University of Chicago had fostered intelligent individuals that have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented. Within the heart of Chicago, the university is a rare destination for most scholars because of the 13.2% acceptance rate. Although the rate reflects the competitive atmosphere of the college, there are a number of people that deny UChicago’s ranking. Many people question the area that surrounds the campus. Before I toured the campus, I had rumors about the harsh environment that encompasses the college. Through my own experience, I realized how safe the college really was. There were emergency phones in almost every section of the campus, and the student tour guides gave off genuine auras of companionship. Hailing from Massachusetts, I learned countless tips from their scholars and even had the opportunity to speak with the head of admissions.

Another rumor that permeated throughout my high school student body was that the dorms from UChicago were imprisoning and restraining. I imagined myself grimacing when I viewed the dorms, but I viewed them as indifferent to the dorms of other colleges. The campus has proven itself to be exquisitely prestigious in all aspects. Any scholar that gains admission to this fine institution will surely have difficulty if he or she was to turn this college down. UChicago wears a cloak of invisibility that shrouds it’s beauty from scholars that impose myths regarding the university. This is the University of Chicago. This is the truth.