University of California: Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA: I went with my mom, an alum of University of California: Santa Barbara (UCSB), to visit her old college. I immediately fell in love with everything. From the campus, to the location, to the academics, I loved it all. The campus is flat and most students ride their bikes around to their classes. Furthermore, the campus is beautiful with nice looking buildings, a beautiful lagoon outside, and a nice walking area. The location is incredible. The location is so close to the beach, and it is not far away from the shopping areas, although you will definitely need a car or bike to get to the shopping areas. While UCSB may be considered a “Party School”, it also has great academic programs and so many classes and majors to choose from. To me, UCSB looked like it had something interesting for everyone. I love University of Santa Barbara and will definitely consider it for one of my college options. For more information, please visit their website at: