University Of California, Berkeley

As soon as you enter the city of California, you will realize that you are in the city of Hollywood. When I entered the final year of high school, I began to search for colleges. I planned to visit University of California, Berkeley shortly known as Cal after my friends advised me to visit.

At first I was amazed by the great building infrastructure of the university. The huge clock tower stands in the centre among the trees adds beauty to the university. Our guide took us in to the largest library in the whole university and as a book lover, I was amazed and felt the library as a dream place.
I saw an impressive collection of books in all fields. I saw the books of Khalil Gibran and the books about Arabian literature.

The University of California or cal is offering degree 130 academic departments and more than 80 interdisciplinary research units. In this, there is equal importance to sports and extra-curricular activities. Health and safety are more concerned in the Cal.

Located entirely isolated from the rampages and problems of the city, the University of Cal was the home for more than 36, 142 students. The campus life in Berkeley was very different from the school life. In Berkeley you can do whatever you like and all facilities are available there.

The University may be bit expensive for nonresidents of California, but doing some par-time jobs will help you to meet your needs. Par-times jobs are available everywhere in Berkeley.

College life plays an important role in everyone’s life. Cal is the best place for everyone who wants to chase their dreams.

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