University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Overlooking beautifulVancouver Bay, the University of British Columbia offers countless possibilities.With an enrollment of over 30,000 students, this urban school established in 1908boasts the excellent facilities and course options one expects at a largeuniversity, plus some fairly unusual options such as: Agricultural Sciences;Architecture; Audiology and Speech Sciences; Community and Regional Planning;Dentistry; Forestry; Human Kinetics; Library, Archival and InformationStudies; Occupational and Environmental Hygiene; Pharmaceutical Sciences;Rehabilitation Sciences; and Social Work and FamilyStudies.

Within this diverse environment lies a true feeling of community,thanks to a large, beautiful and well-planned campus. Its proximity to downtownVancouver (only 30 minutes away) provides options for nightlife and off-campusopportunities in one of North America’s most beautiful cities. Also nearby arethe Pacific Ocean and the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Over 200 clubs and groups cater to student interests. And, as if thegreat academics, opportunities and recreation options aren’t enough, you and yourparents will love the low cost. Tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis, soit runs from $13,000 to $20,000 and living expenses (including board) are another$8,500, but remember, that’s in Canadian dollars. Enjoy your 34 percent discount,thanks to a favorable exchange rate!

Reviewed in 2003