University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ: In-state universities have always been my “back?up” schools. However, the more I look into different colleges, the more I realize the University of Arizona could be one of my top choices.

My whole life I have been prepared to settle for the University of Arizona if I did not receive enough scholarships for an out-of-state college. But my most recent visit (as a high school junior) changed my perspective completely. I realized I would not be settling at all, but would be fortunate to go to UA.

The university is located in the heart of Tucson, with a south and main campus. On campus red brick buildings surround you with dramatic mountains in the distance. Like any large school, the teacher-to-student ratio isn’t small; however, with an honors college and colleges for different areas, there is a department for every interest.

UA has 20 colleges and over 100 degrees with top-ranked programs in physical and life sciences, and business and management. I’m interested in Latin American Studies and the school’s study-abroad program, both of which rank well.

Every student should consider in-state universities because of the more manageable cost. Per academic year, UA costs about $17,000 for in-state students; out-of-state tuition is between $25,000 and $38,700 for most four?year colleges.

UA also offers wonderful scholarships, and work?study and research programs for certain majors (UA is a premier public research university). A diverse student body and academics create a different social and learning experience.

A large range of sports invites all students to participate. Not only are there intercollegiate sports teams, but intramurals and club sports too. Intramural sports are played for exercise, social interaction, and friendly competition. There are also different divisions depending on what the player wants to focus on: having fun, extreme playing, or winning. Club sports have try?outs and regular practices, and compete in intercollegiate competitions; however, they are not part of the UA Intercollegiate Athletics.

For evenings and weekends, loads of activities are happening around campus. UA has its own movie theater and game room. This is definitely not a school you need to settle for; it is a school you can strive for. It is a high?ranking school of diversity that is definitely worth considering. Its website offers lots more information: