Umass Lowell

Lowell, MA: The University of Massachusetts at Lowell has a lot of good points.I would like to start by saying that if you are looking for a good all-aroundcollege, this is the one for you. It is a college that is down-to-earth with itsstudents. As a high school senior, I am looking for a good school that will giveme a great education and an enjoyable place to live.

The college has manyeducational programs. The biggest one is the engineering, but they also have art& science, management & business, health professions and the fine artsprogram. The college is one of fewer than 250 schools nationally accredited bythe American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business to offer both graduateand undergraduate degrees.

The college also has all the sports you wouldever want to play. They have football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf andthe biggest one of all: hockey. Those are just some of the great sports. As astudent, you can get into other activities like the band, and there are alsospecial interest groups like the hiking club, sports car club, and the karateclub. This is just a short sample of some of the clubs.

The only bad pointthat I could see when I was at the college was that it had two campuses and thestudents have to take a bus or walk from campus to campus. It is about a15-minute walk or a few-minute bus ride between campuses.

Both campusesare very attractive. The grounds are nicely landscaped with flowers and trees allaround. The buildings on the campus range from new, modern buildings to statelyantiques. There are game rooms and a TV room within the college. UMass-Lowell isa great place to learn, to meet new people and to have fun.

So if you arelooking for a college that gives you a great education and still is a fun placeto live, for a price you can work with, take a good look at UMass-Lowell.

Reviewed in 1994