Umass Lowell

Lowell, MA: Since I am a senior, I have been looking at several different colleges just like some of you. One of the colleges I’ve seen is the University of Massachusetts at Lowell (formerly the University of Lowell).

I know this school has been considered an engineering school, but it is, in fact, a school with many different majors, including psychology, teaching and nursing (among many others).

Since I am from Lowell, I have the opportunity to visit the campus as often as I wish. There are two campuses in Lowell. One is in part of Lowell known as Pawtucketville. The other is in the section of Lowell known as the Highlands. There is a shuttle bus every 15 minutes which takes you between these campuses. There is another campus in Chelmsford, but since I have not visited it, I cannot offer you information about it.

My sister currently attends this university so I have gone with her to see what college life is really like. The classes I attended were very interesting and the teachers are very educated about the topics they are talking about. The recreation rooms are an adventure of their own. These rooms consist of wide-screen televisions, video games, pool and ping pong tables, etc.

The school requires a minimum of a combined 800 on the SAT and there are over 5000 students attending. I strongly encourage you to visit the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. n

Reviewed in 1991