Burlington, VT: The University of Vermont lies in the center of the small metropolis of Burlington, a comfortable area of approximately 37,000 residents. The shore of Lake Champlain lies within sight of the campus and the mountains surround the school on every side.

UVM, a public university of about 9,000 undergraduates, encompasses six separate colleges or divisions, all of which are extremely competitive with other large universities. These include The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (the largest), The College of Education and Social Services, The Division of Engineering, Mathematics and Business Administration, The Division of Health Sciences, and The School of Natural Resources. The large faculty of learned professors, advanced facilities, and all the opportunities that lie within Burlington give UVMers the chance to make the most of their post-secondary education. UVM offers a variety of extracurricular and athletic activities (Division I and intramural, both under the Catamount mascot) as well as offering the cultural community of Burlington at the students’ fingertips.

Students can also find refuge from the hassles and stress of school in the mountains of Vermont and neighboring New York (just a quick ferry ride across the lake). In the winter, several ski areas boast their slopes to the college kids and in the spring and summer months, the trails and streams open up for hiking and canoeing.

The University of Vermont offers its students all the best aspects of college life. Besides offering up a high-class education for a much lower price than private institutions, UVM presents its students with one of the best “college town” environments in the nation. n

Reviewed in 1992