New Orleans, LA: I visited Tulane early in October for one day. Tulane is five minutes outside of downtown New Orleans in what is called the Garden District. The 19-acre campus consists of buildings representing architecture from 19th century to the modern Reilly Student Recreation Center. The campus abounds in colorful trees and gardens and is directly across the street from Audubon Park and Zoo.

I was very impressed with the diversity that the school has to offer. For a school of only 7,503 undergraduates, it offers schools in liberal arts, architecture and engineering, as well as graduate schools of medicine and law.

New Orleans is definitely not your ordinary college town. It offers an intense mix of cultures and ways of life like no other place in the country.

The underclassmen dorms were simple and up-to-date, yet very plain. The older students are offered a much more interesting choice of living conditions which I found very attractive. The new student recreational building is a vast complex with all the facilities of any modern health club including an outdoor pool for relaxing in the hot Southern sun.

The students I saw seemed a varied bunch including students from all backgrounds and areas.

The tour offered a good overview of the school that was then amplified with an information session given by an admissions officer.

The most memorable aspect of my visit was the all-around experience of being in this part of the country. The city as well as the University offers a whole new way of life and culture to someone from New England that would enhance a person’s college education greatly. n

Reviewed in 1990