Tulane University

NewOrleans, LA: Looking for a great college education in a fun and eclectic town?Then Tulane University in New Orleans may be the place for you!

When Ivisited last summer, I arrived early, and saw at a glance that the campus wasvery beautiful. It was August, so it was very hot. On the tour, a student asked,”So, are the dorms air-conditioned?” A visit to the dorms assured himand the rest of us that the dorms are in fact air-conditioned, well kept, androomy.

Tulane has world-renowned programs in engineering, business,medicine, law and many other fields. At Tulane you are part of a largeuniversity, but classes tend to be small, with about 20 students in each.

And, though Tulane has much to offer, one of its main draws is itslocation just a streetcar ride away from downtown New Orleans and the FrenchQuarter. New Orleans has much music, food and culture to offer. (There is alsomuch partying around Mardi Gras.) If you attend Tulane, you’ll be busy with work,but there’s also time for play. If you want a great university in a diverse city,Tulane may be right for you.

Reviewed in 2002