Tufts University

Medford, MA: Walking across the manicuredlawns of Tufts University, I felt like I was in a movie. Everything wasexactly the way I had imagined college to be – laughing students,gorgeous surroundings, and lots of quirky little traditions. In additionto boasting an absolutely gorgeous campus, Tufts is also one of thenation’s top academic institutions.

Founded in 1852, Tuftsis home to the oldest graduate school of international relations in thenation – The Fletcher School. Classes at Tufts are generally small, andmost are taught by professors rather than TA’s. Tufts requires acore curriculum while also allowing students the flexibility of takingclasses of their choosing. Students also have the chance to take part inmany research opportunities and internships in Boston.

Thestudent population is very diverse, which gives all a chance to interactwith all kinds of people. This open attitude toward others can also beseen in the extensive study-abroad program Tufts offers; 40% of studentstake advantage of more than 200 opportunities to live and learnabroad.

Tufts students express extreme satisfaction with the widearray of on-campus activities at their beck and call. However, if theyever feel like leaving campus, they all agree that the proximity toBoston (where one in three people is a college student) is a definiteplus. Tufts offers regular transportation via “The Joey” busto the T station (subway) that goes right into the heart ofBoston.

While Tufts athletics are far from Division I, theyproudly host some of the best teams in their league. The Tufts mascot,an elephant named “Jumbo,” is an inspiration to all, and theschool has massive pride. Tufts also has many intramural teams and agreat fitness center.

Tufts University offers the best of bothworlds – a topnotch education on a beautiful campus with a great cityjust minutes away. Students interested in having a good time whilegetting a great education should definitely apply. Learn more on theirwebsite: tufts.edu. I know it will be on the top of mylist!

Reviewed in 2005