Medford, MA: Tufts seems to have the best of many worlds. Although relatively small, it has the reputation of an Ivy for the education it offers. Furthermore, the campus has an ideal location. Situated right outside of Boston, Tufts offers the conveniences of a large city without the crime many other universities seem plagued with.

I attended one class, cell biology. Although the class was surprisingly large, it was because it is one of the most popular. My hour was well spent. The professor impressed me; he truly enjoyed teaching and possessed much joviality and excitement about the material. The students seemed to work for the sake of learning and not just for grades. The students in the class were not afraid to ask interesting and different questions and seemed interested.

The campus was equally impressive. The new gym looked very modern from the outside. They have a great system where one can live in a specialty house if interested in languages like French, Spanish, Italian, or German. Moreover, the computer facilities were quite extensive. The campus was green and full of trees just like in the view book. The library was the only part that needed some renovation and I was told that they are in the process of renovating it.

Everyone is quite serious about studying at Tufts. It seemed that Boston is not always taken advantage of because everyone was always studying. However, I did see a great snowball fight between the French and German houses which was exciting for everyone including the spectators.

If you want to be near a mecca of colleges that was once quoted as being the “hub of the universe,” wish for rigorous and stimulating academics, possess a prestigious undergraduate degree and can settle for an okay social life, Tufts offers an unparalleled choice. f

Reviewed in 1995