Hartford, CT: Trinity College is very majestic. I walked onto the

campus with an open mind. I had only seen large schools before Trinity, and I was eager to find out what a small liberal arts college was all about.

It was a bright sunny day at Trinity and many students were out and about either going to classes or sporting events. On our tour we could not help but look out at the panoramic view of the athletic fields and the old, brick, gothic-like buildings that make up the college. It did not surprise me that Trinity is a school that prides itself on academic and athletic excellence. More than half of the student body participates in varsity athletics and is consistently ranked among the nation’s best colleges. Trinity also has a prestigious history with a long and successful line of alumni.

The classrooms were small and therefore offer a low student to teacher ratio. In contrast to the older parts of the school, there are also very modern math and science buildings equipped with the latest computers and advances in technology. The dorms were nice and depending upon where one’s room is, they can be quite spacious. I was immensely impressed with Trinity College. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in search of a very strong liberal arts program and a relatively small undergraduate population. f

Reviewed in 1998