Trinity College

Hartford, CT: Recently, I found myself in this city on one hot June day. I remember being thankful to be out of the heat and in the cool admissions building where I sat with my mother waiting for our tour. From the minute my guide said his name, I knew that this tour, this college, was going to be different from others. Our tour guide had such enthusiasm and clear love for Trinity that it radiated from him as he talked about his experiences. Although one student cannot represent all the students at a college, I was sure that if he loved the school so much, Trinity must be doing something right.

During the tour, I learned about the small community environment that is Trinity College, the high caliber of students who attend and professors who teach, the wide range of classes, majors, and minors, the small class sizes which allow students to get to know each other and their teachers, and, of course, the liberal arts environment that is the basis of their academics. Everywhere we went was beautiful. The buildings were gorgeous and up-to-date, and the outdoor space was irresistible. By the end of the tour I found myself saying to my mom, “Oh my gosh, I loved it!” which she had not yet heard on our college search.

Trinity College is most certainly at the top of my list of colleges. The liberal arts education it offers is something that really appeals to me, and the opportunities there seem endless, from internships to working at the Boys and Girls Club on campus. I think it would be hard for anyone to visit Trinity College and not like it – if not just for its beauty. Although the Northeast is dotted with small liberal arts schools, for me, Trinity really stands out. See Trinity’s website at