Towson University

Towson, MD: Towson is a fairly largeuniversity only 20 minutes from Baltimore and 45 minutes fromWashington, DC and Philadelphia.

When I arrived at thecampus, my mouth dropped in awe. The modern buildings wereneatly situated on a beautiful landscape; the dormitoriessurrounded a circle of buildings containing classrooms. Thisenables students to get to classes with ease.

Besidesits beautiful campus, Towson also offers a top-notch academicprogram. In fact, they are ranked in the top 50 of all publicuniversities. Their communications department is rated asexcellent. Towson offers a variety of courses, ranging fromaccounting to African-American studies.

I encourage youto consider Towson University. It offers a great academicprogram on a beautiful campus with about 15,000 students.Although it may not be as widely known as some, it may end upbeing the right place for you.

Reviewed in 1999