The United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, MD: The United States Naval Academy is one of the best in the world and has trained cadets since 1845. The academy is a four-year college; the campus offers appointments for citizens until the age of 23. USNA has career options such as political science and helps students become commissioned officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.

The United States Naval Academy offers 21 majors, and the dropout rate is less than five percent. This school is difficult, but anyone can pass if they’re willing to work hard. It takes four years to earn a bachelor’s and more for a master’s degree, depending on what you want to study. In addition, cadets are trained to have discipline. During the summer, they can join overseas units for training.

The school enrollment is about 22 percent women. This number continues to rise every year since women started entering in 1976. Many women who join this special group of dedicated officers become very successful in the Navy.

To enter the United States Naval Academy you must receive an appointment after requesting entrance from a senator or representative. This process is not political but based on reports about each student interested in joining the Navy. The appointment is very demanding; it requires good vision and physical aptitude tests.

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