The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH: “O-H!” These two letters can be heard echoing throughout campus, from the dorm rooms to the famous football stadium, “The Horseshoe,” or even while strolling through the center
Oval on campus. They always await a reply; a response usually delivered by a complete stranger.
“I-O!” It is more than the spelling of this great state. This chant has unified Buckeyes everywhere, past, present, and future. This chant is a long-standing ­tradition that represents more than four letters. It ­embodies the pride and spirit of The Ohio State University.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit this elite institution this year, and was not only excited by its traditions but also its academic excellence and vibrant campus life. The Ohio State University is a great fit for me and would be an excellent option for anyone seeking a higher education in a fantastic atmosphere.

The heart of The Ohio State University revolves around its strong athletic programs, particularly its long history of football dominance. The traditions of OSU are best experienced by attending any athletic event, and witnessing a home football game in the crisp autumn atmosphere is a life-changing experience. It is amazing to see thousands of loyal students, faculty, alumni, and sports fans gather in one square mile to cheer on The Bucks. Through the legacies of legends including multiple Heisman trophy winners and great coaches like Woody Hayes, the Buckeyes are always a nationally respected team. Other football-related traditions include tailgating outside Saint John’s Arena, cheering with Ohio State’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye, and listening to The Best Damn Band in the Land at Skull Session. To the non-Buckeye, Skull Session sounds trivial (a pre-game warm-up for the band), but it is attended by more than 50,000 fans gearing up for the big game. All these athletic traditions are emotional events for devoted fans. However, picking a college should not be based on just tradition and athletics; academics always plays a part.

During the past decades, Ohio State has improved its academic standards and now sits among the top institutions in the nation. With a variety of undergraduate majors, the university has the flexibility to support everyone’s interests. In 2007, OSU was ranked among the top 20 public schools in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The quality of those accepted has also improved. For a recent incoming class, 91 percent of freshmen were in the top 25 percent in their class, and the average freshman scored between 25 and 30 on the ACT.

With the development of new facilities including the renovated Thompson Library, the pursuit of academic excellence is certain to continue. Ohio State is one of the top schools in the nation for political science and business. Outstanding academics makes OSU a worthy choice, but even then, the environment of a college most be considered before making a final choice.

The Ohio State University has a fantastic atmosphere that can be experienced in every part of campus. I had been at OSU as one of thousands of loyal fans to cheer on the Buckeyes on game day, but had never visited on a weekday. I was expecting the college to be lethargic by comparison, but this was not the case. Ohio State sits in the heart of Columbus, on the banks of the Olentangy River. It was bustling with students and residents, and full of diversity, which gave it a big-city feel. “Big isn’t for everyone, but it works well for the students seeking a college environment that mirrors the real world. We are a university that believes an educationally diverse environment – one where we don’t all think alike, look alike, or act alike – cultivates students who grow into talented and confident citizens of the world,” said OSU Assistant Vice President Mabel Freeman. This statement truly captures the philosophy of Ohio State. This college looks for students who will live and grow in this type of environment.

College selection is a serious time for everyone. The setting you choose should fit your needs. I believe that The Ohio State University perfectly fits mine. I look forward to seeing if others will answer my call. “O-H!”

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