The Home of the Hornets

Delaware State University is a historical African American college. It is a very affordable college for students who don’t plan on leaving right away out of Delaware to go to school. Del-State is a very diverse college so you would be expected to see many different cultures.

Delaware State University is located in Dover, Delaware. I would say that this college is in a rural area and it’s a very quiet campus. There are currently 4,178 students enrolled at Del State. There are 52 majors offered from Delaware State University that undergraduates can choice from. The most popular majors they have are business administration, psychology, mass communications, criminal justice and sociology, sports management, social work, biological sciences, nursing, and education programs.

Most students who attend Delaware State University are people-oriented. Delaware State University is a medium size school and it has a clean campus. I know this sucks but your freshman year your dorm is pretty tiny and not the best looking. The professors there give you their personal attention in smaller classes so you can learn what you need for your future career. The sports they offer are football, basketball, tennis, golf, bowling, cross country, soccer, softball, volleyball, and cheerleading.

I chose Delaware State University as a college I like to attend because it’s not costly. I also like this college because I had many family members who attended this college so I would keep thee tradition going. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to be somewhere with a high population of people. The type of students I would be comfortable around at this school is people who like to hang out and are friendly. I also want to be around students who take their education serious.

Overall, Delaware State University is a very great school that gives many opportunities to students. I think if a person takes a visit to this college they will have an awesome experience and learn many things. If you would like more information, visit