The Art Institute of Phoenix

Phoenix,AZ: Last summer I attended The Art Institute of Phoenix. This college appears tobe “just” an art school, but there is more to it. Students can major ingame art, graphic art, interior design, animation design, digital media and videoproductions, media arts and – the department that most amazed me – culinaryarts.

The culinary arts program is exciting and versatile. Students canmajor in pastry and cuisine cooking; I enjoyed the pastry seminar for the eclair,and cake decorating. Chef Eric Watson taught me some importanttechniques.

The Institute’s campus is small with 1,100 students, many ofwhom are older, with 36% between the ages of 25 and 44, and 11% over 44. Althoughage is not a factor here, it is still interesting to have classmates or variedages and experiences.

The culinary arts is a major I would like to pursue.For now, attending the summer workshops and competitions are wonderfulexperiences. The seminar sessions include food production, nutritional cooking,baking and pastry, catering, hospitality and general education. The Culinaryprogram is 18 months, longer if you want to complete areas ofspecification.

The school is also reaching out to high-school seniors whodream of being graphic designers. There is $200,000 available to those who havetalented backgrounds and want to pursue their artistic sides. This is a greatopportunity.

The Art Institute of Phoenix is not the only place forstudents interested in the arts, but none other has the same qualifications.Graduates have gone on to great careers.

The Art Institute is the schoolof my choice, and I hope you take the time to check it out.

Reviewed in 2003