Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX: Last summer I had an opportunity to visit Texas Christian University. It immediately attracted my attention when I arrived, because it is not a really big place which means it would provide opportunity to meet other students. Even though it is located in the center of Fort Worth, the surrounding city parks, a zoo and shopping mall provide useful breaks from a long class session.

Most of the university buildings were two stories high, but the clean atmosphere, beautiful flowers and green grass around the campus are very enjoyable to look at. My tour guide was a graduate of TCU. While on our way to the library, we saw students studying on a warm, shady school grounds. The library is a huge building which contains many shelves filled with references.

I also had a chance to look at the classrooms and talk with the school administrator. Since there were classes in session, I tried to see the behavior of the students. The university dorms were quiet. They contained pool rooms, televisions, a study room and telephones. There were no kitchens and the students go to the cafeteria for food, but the dorms also had refrigerators.

Texas Christian University requires good grades and extra-curricular activities. TCU contains a variety of majors including pre-law and pre-med. I enjoyed visiting a happy place like TCU and meeting the friendly people there. n

Reviewed in 1992