Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel: Everthink about attending a university overseas? Tel Aviv University is in the center of this major city inIsrael. Surrounded by the beach, stores and coffee shops, TAU can be a wonderful experience foranyone.

This past summer when I paid a visit, I realized it offers everything any great school inthe United States does, and even more. TAU offers Hebrew and Judaism Studies, study abroad and generalstudies such as English, math and sciences. Also, they have an excellent program for overseas students,and best of all, you don’t have to speak Hebrew to study there! They have a special program just forEnglish-speaking students.

The dorms that overlook the city and beautiful beaches offer a chance tomake friends from all over the world. TAU is not only a school for Israelis, but for all students who wouldlike a variety of studies while enjoying a worthwhile experience.

Reviewed in 2000