Syracuse, NY: I was tentative about going on my first college visit. I got up early on a Saturday morning and drove eight hours up to Syracuse University, my number one school. When the formal tour had ended, I decided to go and take a look at the campus for myself. I wanted to see if I’d be comfortable living at least four years of my life there.

The campus itself is breathtaking. The buildings are a beautiful dark-red brick and the view from the quad is spectacular. While the size of the school is intimidating at first, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Walking down the hill to the bookstore, turning around reveals the true beauty of the university. A professional photographer would be inclined to use the school as a subject, it is “picture perfect,” laid out in an ideal way. All of the buildings are easy to find and there is plenty of both on and off campus housing situated close to the academic buildings. The Carrier Dome’s fluffy white top looms atop the hill the campus is spread out on.

Talking to various teachers, students, and administrative staff helped me understand the guidelines and type of work required to succeed here. I also took the time to tour the school where my major is located and saw first-hand the materials I’d work with and the professors who would pass their knowledge on to me. This is something I hadn’t had the opportunity to do on other college tours and I feel that this is important in the college decision. I strongly recommend asking your tour guide if this is possible.

When my tour was over, all that I had seen and heard led me to the realization that this is the school I want to attend. What started as a nerve-wracking eight-hour drive turned into a memorable learning experience. f

Review by Michael Duarte, E. Providence, RI

Reviewed in 1997