Syracuse University

In February I visited Syracuse University for one day. The campus seemed to have everything a student needs for living on campus without needing to travel more than two miles to find everything. The campus has fast food restaurants and fine dining, along with clothes stores and record stores. Overall the campus seems like a nice place to go to college if you like a small town inside a city. The campus is in the city of Syracuse, but the university seems to be a small New England town with a city atmosphere. The dorm facilities are spread throughout the campus and are easily reached by the classroom buildings. I was told by the tour guide that no dorm is more than one mile from classes. The “student union” has good cafeteria food, which I love.

Syracuse is a high spirit school, since it is Division One and the Carrier Dome is a first class sports arena. The tour was well put together, but the guide did not take us into any dorms, rather she pointed them out from a distance. She was nice and entertaining. At one point in the tour, she was practicing her opera singing, which was good.

The most memorable part of the tour was when the guide showed us the noise made when you stand next to the outer wall of the Carrier Dome and jump: the sound vibrates up and down. The guide said the noise has been recorded and used in many movies as a sound effect. Overall I would say Syracuse is a top-rate school and I have paid for my housing and meal plan already.

Reviewed in 1990