Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY: There are not many places you enjoy walking around in 27 degree weather in February. But my visit to Syracuse, even under these conditions, was very enjoyable. It is easy to see why Syracuse University has attracted so many applicants.

Today the campus consists of over 170 buildings and is always changing. After driving for over five and a half hours, my parents and I were greeted by the friendly staff and the bitter cold. But the snow did not dampen our good time. We began with a general, but lengthy, tour of the beautiful campus.

Syracuse, which is known as a giant university, was not overwhelming. Some of the school’s exciting and unique features are the eleven residential halls, the Bird Library (which has over 2.3 million books) and the Lowe Art Gallery, which features the artistic talents of local artists and aspiring student artists. But no trip to Syracuse would be complete without a peek inside the Carrier Dome, home of the Syracuse Orangemen. Not only does the dome seat 50,000 people, but it pleases both the sports fan and concert goer.

Syracuse has not only plenty to offer in the social life department, but also great educational opportunities. The S.I. Newhouse School of Communications has two of the largest student-run televisions studios and a National Public Radio Station. Right next door is the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, which is the top school in the nation for these fields.

So, if you don’t mind the bitter cold, Syracuse University is the school for you. With fabulous facilities, professors, and internships, it is no surprise that I loved Syracuse. n

Reviewed in 1992