SUNY Geneseo

Geneseo, NY: The first time I saw SUNY Geneseo was when we dropped off my brother for his freshman year. It took us about six hours to get there, and as we drove, I noticed the scenery changing from lots of building to lots of land and farm animals.

Geneseo is located in rural Upstate New York, near Rochester. When I first saw the campus, I was amazed by its beauty. Geneseo overlooks the Genesee Valley, and it is quite a sight to see.

I helped my brother carry his belongings to his room. Everyone I passed on campus was very friendly. I liked the atmosphere at Geneseo.

The next time I went was for family weekend. I got to see some activities, including hockey games and swimming competitions. There are lots of things to do on campus, with 164 organizations and 19 intercollegiate sports teams for the 5,000 students (81 percent of whom were in the top 20 percent of their graduating class).

New York residents should budget about $14,000 for a year at Geneseo, including tuition, room and board and all miscellaneous expenses. Out-of-staters will pay another $5,000.

I also got to experience college life during Siblings Weekend when I stayed in the dorm with my brother. We had meals and hung out on campus. There were many activities planned for this special weekend and I had a lot of fun.

I definitely want to attend Geneseo. I would be very comfortable there. It would be the perfect place for me.

Reviewed in 2004