Suny Cortland

Cortland, NY: I took my college visits very seriously. I wanted to make the best use of my time, while seeing what the college could offer me – academically and socially. I am going to college to learn, but I also want to know that after studying, I won’t be bored.

SUNY Cortland meets these expectations. The campus was absolutely beautiful and I had a feeling of comfort when I arrived. First I had my campus tour. My tour guide was a senior at the college. He was very knowledgeable about every aspect of college life. He was also very truthful answering all our questions. While pointing out everything of importance to a freshman applicant (computer labs, dining facilities, classrooms, and study lounges), he was also sure to include health facilities and the special blue lights around campus for extra security, which pleased our parents. The tour lasted almost two hours; he was sure not to leave anything out.

After my tour I went to eat lunch in one of Cortland’s many dining facilities. There I had a chance to talk to some of the staff. They too were very truthful answering any questions that I had.

I then proceeded to the Admissions Building. It was here that I was able to talk to an admissions counselor. I was shocked to find that it was no different than talking to a friend. She was very pleasant and basically gave me the floor. I asked her questions that concerned me personally, such as would this college accept my college German credit. She answered every question with enthusiasm, and she was sure not to let me leave without at least one of every brochure the college offered.

I was very impressed with all that SUNY Cortland could offer me: up-to-date technology, personal assistance, and a comfortable atmosphere. I feel that this is a college where a person can thrive. f

Reviewed in 1996