Suny At New Paltz

New Paltz, NY: My first visit to New Paltz was when I was ten years old. I attended my two aunts’ graduation. Since that visit, I have wanted to return to New Paltz for my college education. In November, I had my second opportunity to visit. I went to visit the college with my aunts and my twin sister. It took us about two hours to reach the campus. As we drove, I loved the surrounding area. The well-mannered campus was radiant. Even though the college is in the process of being renovated, it still has an abundance of old stone buildings.

The college of New Paltz has Student Ambassadors (one of whom happened to be my pen-pal) who showed us around the campus. From them I was able to receive a student’s view of New Paltz. There are many activities on campus (as well as off). The campus is very diverse and seems to have a lot to offer all students.

New Paltz has a school for business I would like to attend. I liked the well-maintained dorms. The library is spacious and computers are available to students. New Paltz is a very competitive school. I think everyone should visit at least one of their college choices. This is the only way of judging what a school has to offer. This tour has helped me greatly, especially in answering my questions about college. Going away to college can be a scary process, but a tour will make you feel more at home. New Paltz is definitely a school worth visiting and attending. I look forward to my college experience and education. f

Reviewed in 1997