SUNY Albany

Albany,NY: Last summer I visited three state universities of New York that I aminterested in attending. The first was SUNY Albany, and as I arrived there, Ifelt like I was in an amazing environment in the state’s capital not far from myhome. My family sat through an hour-long informational program, and we learned alot about the school and its programs. There are over 15,000 students from manycultures studying over 100 majors.

One aspect of SUNY Albany thatespecially sparked my interest was how the dorms and academic halls are set up.There are four big towers where all the students live; one is for freshmen whilethe others are mixed. Each hall alternates males and females, with bathrooms inthe center. If you’re lucky, you can live in a six-person suite with its ownbathroom.

Another attractive aspect is that all the main academicclasses are in the same area. So, you don’t have to travel far or really even gooutside to get from one class to another. That is an asset, and something new forme since my high school is in three buildings and boy, is it horrible in thewinter!

In general, SUNY Albany has good programs and a great departmentfor my major. It has many clubs to join as well as sports teams. I hope to applyfor early action, another advantage of this school.

Reviewed in 2003