Summer @ Brown University

Providence, RI: Since 1764, Brown University has provided an Ivy League education in liberal arts. Brown reaches out to high-school students through their pre-college summer program, in which students from around the world experience college and learn about majors through over 100 courses.

This summer I was fortunate enough to be admitted to a three-week course in psychology for high school students. At first I was scared to be on my own with nothing familiar around, but once orientation started, my excitement chased away my fear.

The campus was incredible, with everything from a CVS pharmacy to a movie theater just a short walk away. I loved the course and, surprisingly, enjoyed the assignments and going to class (even if it was summer). Without parents to run home to or a curfew, I now feel prepared for life at college. The friends I made taught me a lot about life and we became family, helping each other even if it was three a.m. and they needed to talk.

In those short weeks I made great friends, learned how to handle college courses, and experienced what college is all about. I went there believing all my time would be spent immersed in work, but I left knowing it was the most amazing time of my life.

Reviewed in 2004