Suffolk University

Boston, MA: Over the summer, I visited Suffolk University for a tour and interview. Suffolk is a private, co-ed university located in the Government Center area of Boston. It is primarily a commuter school, but there is limited off-campus housing available. It has a mid-sized student body with a little over two thousand full-time undergraduates. This allows for small classes and student to professor ratio of fourteen to one.

All of the people were very friendly, including the dean of admissions, who conducted my interview. Our tour guide was also friendly, answering any questions we had. However, because it was summer, I did not get a chance to speak with any students or see what the school is like when classes are in session.

The urban campus is not too large. Located behind the State House, most of the buildings are within a couple of blocks of one another. Moreover, because Suffolk is in the heart of the city, it is easily accessible by public transportation. For those who wish to drive, there are garages with special Suffolk student rates just a few blocks away.

One drawback I found with Suffolk was the library. Compared to other universities and colleges I have seen, the library at Suffolk was quite small. Also, there is not much of an athletic program at Suffolk. They do not have a football team, and because of the urban campus, no stadium or field. They do, however, have a gym for basketball and other indoor sports.

Despite its disadvantages, I still found Suffolk University to be a good school. For those of you interested in a city school with small classes, I suggest looking into Suffolk. n

Reviewed in 1991