Stevens Institute of Technology

Hoboken, NJ: Stevens Institute of Technologyis among the few schools dedicated to study and research.Students are taught to solve real-life problems in bothindustry and the environment.

This school offers degrees in many different engineer-relatedmajors such as the sciences and computer science, as well asall branches of engineering. It also has some majors in thehumanities and liberal arts. With 1,400 undergraduate students(plus 2,000 graduate students), the student-to-teacher ratiois approximately nine to one.

Stevens is a shortdistance from New York City and located in a very scenic area.The Hudson River is only a stroll away, and the grounds seemmore like a park than a campus. I recommend Stevens to anyoneinterested in pursuing a engineering-based career who likes achallenge and wants to receive the best education possible.

Reviewed in 1999