Palo Alto, CA: As the car entered the grounds, all I could see was the beautiful grove of palm trees on either side of the car. The trees seemed to go on for miles; I will never forget how beautiful they were. I thought I was in paradise, but we finally reached the oval.

Being holiday break, there were few people there, so my family and I had the chance to roam the campus. My aunt, an employee of Stanford, gave us a tour. We visited the clock tower, which looks like a big grandfather clock for the whole university. It’s really loud too!

I also noticed that there are many fountains and the architecture is very Mexican in feeling. My favorite building was the Memorial Church because of the stained glass panels and the painted mural in the courtyard which are breathtaking.

The dormitories are comfortable, and though they are not located in the center of the campus, the walk isn’t far. We also visited the athletic fields which are very well kept and the track is especially nice.

Palo Alto is one of the most bustling little college towns I’ve seen. There are numerous boutiques, bookstores, and coffee shops at every corner. The town has beautiful houses and everyone is really friendly. Stanford is one of the most appealing colleges I have visited. f

Reviewed in 1997