St. Michael’s

Colchester, VT: As I stepped out of the hotel’s front entrance into the biting, cold air of frigid Vermont, only one thought passed through my mind: I don’t want to be here. I could be up in my hotel room under the warm blankets with the heat turned on high. But no, my parents were once again dragging me to visit another college. So, we all jumped into the family car and were off to Winooski Park (a section of Colchester, Vermont) to visit Saint Michael’s College.

As I got out the car, the wind went right through my coat and I shivered fiercely. The wind chill must have been about 15 degrees below zero but still there was a feeling of warmth and friendliness radiating from the students and even the campus. The first person my parents and I saw was a cheerful, young woman who directed us to the Admissions Office. We met our tour guide and were off again. We walked through the campus and I fell in love with it immediately. I could see myself here the following year as part of the community of St. Michael’s. The students I met along the tour were friendly and made me feel right at home. The campus itself is beautiful with spacious fields and a lot of grass, even though it is covered with snow half the time.

Saint Michael’s College is a small, liberal arts Catholic college, almost a community in itself. With a friendly atmosphere and a beautiful 400-acre hilltop campus, it looks out toward Mount Mansfield and Camel’s Hump. St. Michael’s consists of 2,000 students: 85 percent from outside Vermont. I would recommend this college to anyone and I am certainly glad my parents dragged me out of bed that morning because I think I might just have found the college for me. f

Review by M. E., Marshfield, MA

Reviewed in 1994