St. Joseph’s College

Windham, ME: On Friday, April 26, I attended Seniors Day at St. Joseph’s College. St. Joseph’s is a small private college of 650 students located in Windham, Maine. It is roughly a two-hour drive from the Boston area. Seniors Day was crucial in making my final decision. I quickly became acquainted with the campus, faculty, students, and incoming freshmen. I feel this is due to the small size of the college. I also attribute this to the friendliness of everyone I came in contact with.

The campus is spread out over many acres of land overlooking beautiful Sebago Lake. The grounds are spacious, unlike many cramped universities I have visited. The classrooms are all located in one building which almost eliminates getting lost. The projected class size is twelve to fifteen, which guarantees individual attention to each student. The library is large and equipped with computers, and there are also other locations with computers for all to use.

During my campus tour we were shown all of the residence halls from freshman to senior. I was relieved at the size of the rooms, they were quite larger than I had anticipated. There are separate male and female residence halls at St. Joseph’s and members of the opposite sex are not allowed in each other’s rooms. At first I saw this as a disadvantage, but after viewing the campus, it seems minor in comparison.

The food served at St. Joseph’s is catered by the Marriott. which is a big plus in my opinion. There was an enormous selection to choose from, even for finicky eaters like I am. There is also a snack bar and coffee house that serves pizza, hamburgers, onion rings, etc.

I also learned more about the numerous activities offered at St. Joseph’s. There are eight varsity sports to choose from, 20 intramural activities, as well as the school newspaper, on campus radio station, the student government association, and over seventy clubs to choose to involve yourself in.

While I made my way through their college day, my father was touring Windham, where St. Joseph’s is located. Windham is a small town but it is only a fifteen minute drive to the bustling city of Portland.

I was impressed by Seniors Day at St. Joseph’s and now look forward to attending there in the fall. For those who are considering applying, a campus visit is a must. It will definitely leave you free and clear of any reservations. n

Reviewed in 1991