St. John’s University

New York, NY: I did not know what was awaiting me at St. John’s University, with its prime real estate only minutes from New York City. The area surrounding the school is welcoming with various ethnic backgrounds, and thus almost every type of restaurant.

Arriving at campus, it did not seem like much but once I got past the trees, the school’s true beauty was unveiled in a large field. What amazed me was how well kept this area was, with not a piece of trash in sight. The buildings looked as if they had been built the day before and seemed to glow.

The layout of the campus was perfect, from the walkways to the placement of the buildings, making everything accessible. Before my tour, I wandered into the cafeteria, which held every food for any meal of the day and enough space to seat everyone comfortably.

My tour began with some facts about the fascinating history of this beautiful campus. We entered the buildings, which were even more appealing inside than out, and once again everything was spotless. Continuing with the tour, we passed many picturesque pieces of art scattered about the campus and a jaw-dropping Asian building that combined historic and modern Asian art. It was guarded by two giant lion statues that went ideally with the flow of the Asian feeling. Toward the end of the tour we took a look at the indoor sports arena, home of terrific teams that can make for great spectacles.

All in all, this campus has been the best I have seen and the tour will be very useful when it comes time to make the big decision. Learn more at