St. John Fisher College

Rochester, NY: While choosing a college with the help of my parents, St. John Fisher most clearly caught my attention. I was looking for a good sized, friendly and nice campus with a strong academic program in elementary education. Friendly faces, a beautiful campus, an outstanding athletic and academic programs inspired me to apply instantly. If you are looking for a similar college, I recommend St. John Fisher.

The campus is a perfect size for walking. The scenery makes it amazingly beautiful; you have to see it to believe it.

The dorms consist of homey rooms and in some cases, suites. Each room has at least one bathroom. Usually, dorm rooms are not something that anyone is proud of, but at Fisher College, there are no complaints.

The athletic program was of major interest to me, since I am involved in sports. I was impressed that a new turf stadium was being constructed. Also, the coaches were very friendly and alert to each student.

As for the professors, they don’t get better anywhere. Each professor knows all his/her students and offers extra help at any time of day. Where else would you find a professor who revolves his schedule around your needs?

Since the program for elementary ed was one of the best programs in the state, I sent in an application. St. John Fisher is possibly a college for you to consider, too.

Reviewed in 1999