St. Anselm’s College

Manchester, NH: When I visited St. Anselm last year, I had no idea what sort of college it was. But by the time my weekend was over, I had come to understand what St. Anselm’s represented.

After walking around the campus, I learned many important facts. First of all, I noticed the beautiful campus. St. Anselm is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Within only an hour’s drive there are many diverse activities including skiing, swimming and hiking. The college is minutes away from shopping centers and downtown Manchester. I also noticed that the people were friendly and easy to talk to. I met a lot of people from all over New England and the United States.

St. Anselm offers many fields of study. This college is a small liberal arts school which offers pre-professional programs, pre-engineering and programs of special study. These special programs include Soviet Studies Program, Washington, D.C. internships, study abroad in various foreign countries and an integrated Humanities Program.

St. Anselm College also has a well-rounded sports program for both men and women. It offers a wide variety of varsity and intramural sports.

Now I know why my friend chose St. Anselm’s. From this experience I learned a lot about college and making that important decision. n

Reviewed in 1992