St. Anselm’s College

Manchester, N.H: Toward the end of November, I visited Saint Anselm College, a small, Catholic, liberal arts school. What first caught my eye was the number of priests on the campus, as well as how friendly everyone at the school was. The school itself is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, high on a hill.

The ride there from Boston took an hour and the school provides transportation on the hour to the city and local shopping malls. No coed dorms are available, but the school has apartments for all upperclassmen. The dorm regulations are very strict, but the rooms are nice. The dining hall is spacious and new, and provides several entrees to please even the most finicky eater.

The two year required humanities program, “Portraits of Greatness,” sounded exciting until I learned that part of the class was lecture. The core curriculum appears difficult with a considerable amount of work and time involved. (The college was a tranquil place, perhaps too quiet for some.) n

Reviewed in 1991