St. Anselm College

Manchester, NH: Picture a campus on the outskirts of a city, far enough from thecenter to be peaceful, but close enough to be near the excitement. Then picture atree-lined road entering the campus, leading to a scene of distinguished brickbuildings. People walk around campus, and play games on the fields near thedorms. This is Saint Anselm College, a medium-sized liberal arts college with abeautiful campus that makes you feel you are at home the moment youarrive.

When I attended the open house this fall, I was greeted byfriendly faculty and staff who answered all my questions. The students werewelcoming also, talking about the “real” parts of college: the food, the livingsituation, how hard the classes really are.

From all this I gathered thatSt. Anselm not only has a beautiful campus, but also is a great place to learn.The classes are said to be challenging, but isn’t that what college is supposedto be? They offer 29 majors, all of which are interesting, and help you learn notonly what’s in textbooks, but also in real life. Most students – 88 percent -live on campus, which is good to get the full experience of college life. Thecollege’s social life is also great. The many fields around campus almostguarantee that there will always be a game going on during the weekend.

After the open house, I watched a men’s soccer game, and the cheering forSt. Anselm showed how much support the team receives. In addition to sports thereare many events held in the center, “The Quad,” including drive-in movies andmini-fairs.

Saint Anselm is a fun school to visit, and I can imagine whatit would be like to attend next year. I expect to make my final decision soon.

Reviewed in 2003