Springfield College

Springfield, MA: If you want to go to a small college in an urban area,Springfield College is perfect, with 52 acres and about 2,500 students. Thestudent-to-faculty ratio is 14:1.

Located in the heart of Springfield,the school is about five minutes from the Basketball Hall of Fame. There are alsoplenty of museums and a variety of restaurants to choose from. The Atlantic Oceanand its beaches are only two hours to the east, while Vermont’s ski slopes are acouple of hours north. The Berkshire Mountains are just west of Springfield andoffer hiking, biking, skiing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Backon campus, there are nine residence halls. The college requests that studentslive on campus through junior year (except commuter students). Behind theresidence halls is Watershops Pond. On nice days many students go there to dowork instead of the library or their rooms.

Springfield College is aDivision III school and has a variety of intramural sports, some of which areco-ed. Some of the majors Springfield offers are: athletic training, art therapy,chemistry, computer graphics, sports journalism, sports management, English,health science and political science.

The only thing that might be toughabout going to Springfield College is handling its very expensive price: one yearis about $23,400.

Reviewed in 2001