Spelman College

CedarCity, UT: Atlanta,GA: “Spelman gives you the power to know who you are, where you came fromand where you are going. At Spelman you will join a circle of sisters who sendeach other out to make a difference in the world,” said the lady welcomingthe visiting girls and their parents. I couldn’t believe I was finally on thecampus of the college I have waited so eagerly to be part of. As she talked aboutmy dream college, I imagined myself walking across its campus and being part ofthe social life.

Spelman is a private, liberal arts, historically Blackcollege for women founded in 1881. Spelman is located in the heart of Atlanta,Georgia with a 32-acre campus full of beautiful, historic architecture that’shome to the school’s 2,100 students.

Classes are small and studentsfeel they have personal and meaningful relationships with professors. The collegeoffers bachelor degrees in 26 majors. Spelman takes pride in their academics, andis one of the most respected colleges of liberal arts and sciences in thecountry. Spelman is more than an institution of learning – it is a greatexperience and teaches young women to become leaders and ladies of distinction.The sisterhood is very present there, and they all want to see each othersucceed.

The visit to Spelman made me feel it is the place I need to be.Spelman has always been my number-one choice, and my visit there assured meSpelman College is the place I will spend the next four years of my life.

Reviewed in 2003