Seattle University

Seattle, WA: Seattle Universityis located in an exhilarating city and is within driving distance of the PacificOcean (only two and a half hours away). It is a private institution and one of 28Jesuit universities in the United States.

The university is situated on46 beautiful acres with many new and refurbished buildings; one of the mostmagnificent is the Chapel of St. Ignatius. Everywhere you look there are vastgreen quads and gardens that are great for outdoor study or just laying in thesunshine.

Seattle University has five undergraduate colleges with 44degree programs. Classes average 20 students, which is great for not only gettingto know other classmates, but also for having the opportunity to work one-on-onewith professors. Another nice aspect is that the university allows you to work inthe community, either by volunteering or interning.

What is mostintriguing about Seattle University is its campus life. The student body is verydiverse, with people from all backgrounds and interests. There are many clubs tojoin and an array of intramural and club sports. If you are looking for auniversity concerned with all facets of life, Seattle University is for you.

Reviewed in 2001